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Tharangambadi was a former Danish colony that was known as "Tranquebar". This tiny village lies on the Coromandel (east) coast of India. Tarangambadi is located 35-km north of Nagapattinam and 50-kmfrom hidambaram.Ore Gedde, the commander of the RoyalDutch Navy built Tarangambadi Fort, in the year 1620.The fort has two storeys and is a stunning piece of Viking architecture, with enclosing stonewalls and cannons facing the sea. The fort was the most important building, which housed the top echelons of the Danish officials. Apart from the ramparts, the rest of the buildings are in good condition. The fort is now converted into an archaeological museum, with many weapons and artefacts from the Danish past. The museum also showcases marine life and a row of Danish ships, which sailed into Tranquebar..


Puhar also known as Poompuhar is a town in the Nagapattinam district in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It was once a flourishing ancient port city known as Kaveri puhum pattinam, which for a while served as the capital of the early Chola kings in Tamilakkam. It is located near the end point of the Kaveri river, aside the sea coast. The town was built on the north banks of the river Kaveri. The sthalapuranam of poompuhar has it that the city was a divine gift to emperor muchukundan of solar race who lived during krita ge or first of epochal ages from lord indran the king of gods. he puranas relate that muchukundan was a great servant of lord siva who attained salvation through him.


Point calimere is located in nagapattinam district 100kms from kumbakonam known as kodiakkarai in tamil is situated on the coramadel coast where the bay of bengal meets the palk straight. Point Calimere is widlife and bird sanctuary popular for the extinct variety of blackbuck and birds from all over the world visit point calimere.The best season to visit is during oct-feburary.Apart from wildlife there are many historic places like ramarpatham,light house, mangroove forests of muthupet etc . There is also a pristine beach at nagore where the tourist can enjoy playing beach volleyball, joyful Cuttumaran ride and childrens amusement park.


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